Website Design

In a “constantly online world” a website which portrays your business and products correctly should be top priority. Good website design can highlight your company as a forefront in your sector, but bad design can do quite the opposite. Here at Serix we pride ourselves on our bespoke website design service which takes advantage of all the latest technologies.

Mobile Websites

It’s not a unknown fact that their are now more phones and tablets in the world than there are computers. So why are you limiting your business to only showing on 50% of the devices out there? Does your website even show on the latest iPhone?
Let Serix take care of these issues. We deal with different methods to get your website on to these smaller devices using either a mobile specific site or responsive website which adapts to the device.

Web Site Management and Amends

Our services don’t stop at design and code either. Do you have an old site that needs some TLC? Or just needs something adding? Get in touch and we can discuss ways to get you back up to date!

So if you want a no jargon, easy and simple way to get your business online, drop us a line or get in contact.

Our Recent Work